Monday, 10 June 2013

From walking around Sheffield, it possess a lot more historical buildings than Melbourne. Melbourne’s streetscape  is dominated by new buildings, for example when you look at the Docklands in Melbourne or South Bank a once thriving industrial area, it's now full of high rise apartments and shopping with barely any view of the Docks or remnants of the past. Throughout Sheffield you can see the retention and gentrification of these old industrial buildings that enables a sense of the past and the realization of just how far technology and infrastructure has moved forward. As Trevor said “the old was once new” and the new will soon become lost in the past. Sheffield has put the brakes on this as they continue to repair and renew the old industrial buildings, giving them a new lease of life and instilling the retention of the past in the uprise of the new.
Technology and infrastructure have changed the design and social construction of our lives, but has it changed enough? We still exploit minerals and natural resources even though we know the environmental danger it causes currently and into the future. Dubai have looked to the future and realized they can only exploit the natural resources for so long before they run out. By utilizing the wealth produced by  natural resources, it has enabled them to build a grand spectacle creating  a tourism draw card making them the new shock city of this area.
Although this is not sustainable in the long run they have looked to the future and found their tipping point of change and have started to plan for it decline. What will our tipping point be? We already know we are running out of natural resources, yet we aren't using our current wealth to prepare ourselves for a sustainable future powered by green technology.
- Jacinta Morrissey (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)



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