Monday, 17 June 2013

A quick jaunt to Cambridge

The weirdest conversation on the way back from Cambridge, two blokes from Sheffield and a Londoner (I think)  discussing political parties bribing the masses, as in that they should. To not wanting to visit a pub full of Rottweilers, they'd rather drink with canaries , but how about rhinos? Hover trains ( referring to Japanese bullet trains, although according to the Londoner it was only Tokyo that had them, not all of Japan ). To lastly the part that shocked me the most, the Londoner was trying to convince the Sheffield blokes that horses have toes that start really high up the leg and the hoof is just the longest toe.... Makes me wonder how many horses he had actually ever seen.

Oh what was Cambridge actually like? Lots of nice old buildings. I've been to Oxford so it wasn't really that different, lots of colleges libraries museums... I did the walking tour and bus tour so I think I saw everything, even if only briefly  as the mental bus driver whooshed past everything. I'm surprised that I didn't lose my head to a tree.
The time spent on the train over the weekend gave me time to think about my individual research project though. What's my angle? Where to start? Feel like I'm a little less lost now.
- Jess White (Bachelor of Archaeology)


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