Sunday, 23 June 2013

Nearing the end of the road

As it nears to the end of this study tour, I am finding myself wanting to stay longer as it always happens. I have come to find Sheffield as a city that is constantly striving to find ways to improve on what is already here. Sheffield as a city previously consisted of varieties of areas with different purposes split into quarters but as the years have gone on these quarters have become a whole with each area producing multi-functioned development enabling living in all areas.

Sheffield as a steel city is still evident through the structures that continue to exist today, but the difference is that these spaces that are mostly now shells of what they previously were, have been retrofitted to give these abandoned buildings a new function and this has been staggeringly common throughout Sheffield.
I have found Sheffield to be an invigorating experience, at first it was a challenge I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to flush money into this area as I obviously hadn’t seen the city for what it wholly was. I have come to understand and see the history behind Sheffield and learnt about how, why and when events happened through the ages and how Sheffield upheaved itself out of the gutter to become what it is today.
Not just Sheffield as a city but as a social destination is another level of influence on the city. The people I have met, the people I have seen and the friends that I have made are an amazing bunch of people, the sort of people that you don’t always come across or find. Sheffield has given me a new outlook onto the world as does every trip I attend.
Once again I will head back abroad to Australia with this new outlook, this life experience and carry it with me for all time.
I would like to give thanks to Trevor B, Emma, and Trevor H for their efforts that they have taken to get us here, the amount of organisation that has had to take place for this and all the people behind the scenes at La Trobe and Sheffield Hallam. I would also like to thank Ivan Burge for his help with filming. This trip has been a blast and I wouldn’t have wanted to have to spend it with any other group of people!!!!!
- Wallie Cron (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)


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