Monday, 17 June 2013

So the music part didn't really get me until the video with all the footage and the music kinda awoke something in me  - that feeling that's normally associated with patriotism but I don't know it's kind of a pride that gets awoken in me when studying the French Revolution  "Je somme le tiere etat"  or the Scottish trying to fight for their land back (freedom!)  and there you go, coal minors strikes and steel workers awaken that feeling too....Patriotism for the under dog I guess. It's a weird feeling.

Leeds... Um glorified lunch break.

York, awesome trains but otherwise been there done that, still a very nice city could happily come back again maybe visit the Richard the Third museum and go through the Viking stuff again.

Had a great chat on the way back about random archaeology stuff and hiking and cooking and the underdog patriotism thing with Kirsten certainly made time fly but happiest I've been all day, now crawling back into bed.
Good night.
- Jess White (Bachelor of Archaeology)