Sunday, 16 June 2013

What an amazing week!

As the first week of our study tour is coming to a close, I find myself feeling somewhat reminiscent. I never want to leave! The cobbled lane ways, the quaint coffee shops and the ever so sticky, loud nightclubs are making the trip home feel like dooms day! 
Sheffield was not as I expected, for such an old city with a huge girth of history within it - it is very much a modern, up beat town. The way in which they almost recycle their historical buildings is so important here as well as the striking street art, amazing!
It was so interesting wandering in and put of the pint sized cottages of the Abbydale Industrial Hamlet, praying that the dam wall wasn't going to fall and flood the place, we were lucky this time
Inline image 3
Abbydale Industrial Hamlet

Oh and beautiful Chatsworth!! What a place, it is truly amazing to walk through somewhere of such grandeur and to think that people used to (and still do) live like that. It was handy as well to be able to 'put-a-face' to Britain's class obsession. It was all so wonderfully intricate - plus the scones and tea were the best ;)

Inline image 5
Chatsworth House

So in short - I'm in love with this place!

- Rielly McAlpine (Bachelor of Arts, Sociology Major)


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