Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My gosh! What a process this group presentation has been.

It has become a larger process than we all imagined I believe. One thing it has inspired me to do is to improve my technical abilities on the computer. We went the long way around the process of recording voices onto our PowerPoint, which was a much larger project than we intended. But you know we all pulled together at a challenging time and finished! Well done to everyone that produced some very creative work.

Many of us found this process particularly challenging due to the cross disciplinary nature of these presentations. When discussing the issue of women, and their role in the development of Sheffield, some of the challenges were to explain what we felt was important to include from each of our viewpoints. I brought up some sociology terms that were unfamiliar to the rest of the group. To work through these challenges took a lot of time and patience, but I believe we all came out with a well-rounded holistic view of our topic, which is one of the many advantages a cross-disciplinary course can offer.

- Rose Potter (Bachelor of International Development)



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