Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Looking back

It has been a week since our class finished and a lot of us are travelling around Europe. I have a lot planned for before I fly back to Australia, but I definitely have to squeeze time in to work on my essay!
Looking back on my first blog post, I think that the biggest challenge that I faced over the two weeks was the group project, rather than the blogs. I always find group projects a bit difficult, and working with people I didn’t know well was intimidating. I think that we all had different strengths, and they could be seen in our presentation, although I wish that we had a bit more time to work on it!
I met some great people, and we went to some interesting and beautiful places. My favourites were probably York and Chatsworth house, although I absolutely loved the whole region and I went to Liverpool on the weekend, which was incredible.
Sheffield Hallam University was a great university and Sheffield itself was a really interesting place and I could definitely imagine coming back again.
I am so glad that I decided to do this class. Learning about the history of a city like Sheffield made me think about how a city develops and works, which are things that I’ve never thought about before. I’m really looking forward to researching Edward Carpenter, a 19th/20th century poet, philosopher and gay rights activist, who is the topic of my essay. He is one of the many people/topics that I would have never learned about if not for taking this class.
- Bethany Exiner (Bachelor of Archaeology)


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