Saturday, 15 June 2013

Well what a day off, I managed to watch two movies, visit both the Uni library and the City Library, do donuts around the city shopping and get lost again. Although I must say I can now guess directions from the tall buildings, so it is getting a little easier. I found that the Uni library was confusing so I went to the city library and wow have they got a lot. For those who have not yet been there, walk in the front door and turn slightly to the left. From there get into the elevator and go up one floor. When you get out turn right and they have the most wonderful resource area on local history. Walk in and go to the desk and tell them you are from Australia and they will go out of there way to help you. They are expecting us.

The area is called "Local Studies" they are only open: Wednesdays 9.30am -8pm, Thursday 9.30am -5.30pm and the same for Friday and Saturday, they are closed Sunday Monday and Tuesday.  HOWEVER if you go to  and do a little exploring there is a treasure trove of resources that can be downloaded and you do not need a membership. The library shares this with Sheffield Archives.

As Trevor said if we find a resource that someone else could use, share it. The only thing that I could not find was anything that related to part of the project that I am doing, oh well.
Oh I nearly forgot, the group that is doing theirs on women, as you walk into the Local Studies area look to your right, there is a picture of some women who were in a strike over mining and there is web address on the bottom of the picture.
- Marie Hopton (Bachelor of Arts)


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