Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sheffield so far?

Well I didn’t expect it to be like the ‘Full Monty’ in terms of its architecture and structural make-up. It turns out its not far off, furthermore, England so far; from Manchester to Sheffield has been a landscape dominated country in which construction and the roads are bound by the very makeup of the natural valleys and hills. It’s clear that heritage has an incredibly important role to play in keeping to the mix of both built form and the environment.

A bigger affirmation is considered towards continuity with little consideration contributed to any motions of change, whether on a large scale or even on to a simple alteration of the existing livelihood. In one way, I understand; Sheffield was once the epicentre of steel production and so they celebrate this achievement dearly. From the brick-clad redeveloped factory structures to its commemorative pieces honouring the past, Sheffield constantly reminds one of its former splendour and glory. But at numerous times during the trip, the begging question is: once you’ve seen one or two of the bricks and stones making up the structure of Sheffield, have you seen them all?
Park Hill for example, a modern take on what is perhaps regarded as the most obscene projects of the era in Sheffield.
Park Hill Redevelopment
The theme most commonly bound by is both Industrialisation and De-Industrialisation. While pictures are easily accessible on the internet and assumptions can be made without leaving the comfort of our homes. A valuable means of accessing the overall picture is through site visits and through data collected from those within the locality/area. While I’ll be drawn to assess each topic from a planning perspective, it’s with great value to also consider underlining factors such as historical and sociological to complete the bigger picture being represented often neglected because it’s outside one’s respective field of study.
- Phineas Istratoaie (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)


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  2. I really want to visit this place. I am super hyped after reading your story.