Saturday, 15 June 2013

My weekend outside Sheffield consisted of rambling on the rolling hills of Edale. This was a truly exciting experience. It felt great to venture outside predetermined timetables and guidelines and not see what I was looking for, but just see. It is hard sometimes to see the value or beauty of a place when you are expecting it to fit certain criteria, such as a theme or historical context or a preconceived notion.

Edale was perfect for this as it allowed me openly admire and criticise. I found the perfect beauty of the area somewhat strange; and more so upon discovering the tight restrictions that were enforced to maintain that beauty. There were limitations on the powerlines, paint colours and the trees. There ware even controls on the type of rocks you could use to build the stonewalls that chequered the landscape. Despite how much I enjoyed my afternoon in Edale I can’t help feeling that although it employed the picturesque backdrop of nature, it was not natural.
- Cecilia Barber (Bachelor of Arts)


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