Monday, 24 June 2013

Presentation woes

Yesterday has been very stressful for our group, and trying to put the audio on to the slides was very annoying as we all are bad with technology. We had to research how to upload them onto the slides, which gave us even more work. And when we think we are done, we notice that some slides are missing or have not saved. Another issue was  that the recordings wouldn’t work on my laptop so we had to use one laptop to upload, save on a memory stick then upload to the other laptop.

We thought we should take a break as we have been stuck in the room and have not eaten all day so decided to go for dinner. It was good to have food outside instead of prepackaged food that we have been eating most of the time. But then I started to get nervous and just wanted to get the presentation out of the way. So we did all the recordings before we slept and made sure everything works, then went to bed. We woke up at 9 am to upload the photos and finally finished and went to the university but when we got there the sound wasn’t working so that delayed the presentations.

People finally started presenting but we still couldn’t get the voice to work. We have tried so many ways but there was nothing; I started panicking as I had a flight to catch and wanted to get the presentation out of the way. So I had to leave to catch the train in the end. And just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse, it got so much worse. I went to get my suitcase and dropped it on the stairs straight onto my toe, then walked to the station and had to carry it up some more steps. I finally got on the train and felt so much better, until my cousin called me who was reserving me a window seat and tells me that the travel agent had refunded the money so I don’t have a ticket, she said I could buy a ticket at the airport but I obviously can't do that with 60 pounds that I have left. So I called my dad and he didn't answer, I was so scared and just wanted to get home. I hated everything, thank god my cousin called back and said the guy who she called was just an idiot and made a mistake and all is fine.

I’m finally here and have found a Freddo Frog chocolate bar in my bag, so all is good. 
- Mariam Al Maskari (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)


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