Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Sunday Ramble

Now what is a good activity to do near Sheffield on this glorious Sunday!? Why not a little Rambling in the countryside? Hop on train from Sheffield to Edale breath in some lovely fresh country air, admire the baby lambs and then retire for a Sunday roast at the Old Nags Head pub established in 1799!

Well this is exactly what a group of four students did. 

After our lecture on rural England, we were inspired to partake in this ‘romanticized’ activity known as ‘Rambling’ ;which is essentially just a good country walk. Rambling became a popular leisure activity amongst young people from industrialized urban areas, such as Sheffield, as a re-appreciation for these ‘forgotten’ areas emerged around the 1920’s.

 As the four of us walked the paved and signposted tracks, it almost felt a little too ‘tame’ compared to an equivalent walk back home in Australia. As we looked out at the top of the summit, the view was spectacular, but I couldn’t help notice the vast bare and segregated areas as far as the eye could see. There were tiny pockets of trees, however much of the forest had been cleared for wood and farming centuries ago. 

The Ramble was a four-hour challenge but was well worth it and made the post pint, roast dinner and homemade apple pie and ice-cream taste all the more sweet.
 Rose Potter (Bachelor of International Development)




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