Monday, 17 June 2013

An eventful day in London

We went to London on Sunday and it was beautiful, the architecture was amazing, everything you see just shocks you, and when you think it can't get any better, it does. First we went to the Crystal exhibition, it was very interesting but I wish we had more time there, and then we took a ride on the cable cars and walked around until we got to Buckingham palace, we walked around the fountain and heard some noises by the gate, so a friend shouts out 'they are changing the guards’, so we all went to see, and there was a police man shouting telling people to evacuate, and of course no one paid any attention and just sat there, then he got angry which was scary, so we moved from that area and continued walking around the fountain area taking photos. A few minutes later more policemen came and made everyone leave. We were so disappointed we walked for ages and only had a day in London and we couldn’t even go and take a photo by the gates. Then someone tells us there is a bomb scare. Apparently there was an unattended pushchair by the gates, so as we were leaving the area I see a man telling the police he has to go in he left his baby. The policeman asks where have you left your baby, and he replies in a pushchair by the gate, the police tell him not to move. So we all walk to leave the area, and when we were half way out we see people are going back, apparently the man left his baby alone for about half an hour. So what they thought could be a bomb, turned out to be a poor baby.
- Mariam Al Maskari (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)