Friday, 7 June 2013

At this stage, prior to touching down in the UK, I'm not sure what to expect on the Sheffield study tour.  I have been anticipating the tour for many months, but have no real idea as to what I will find when I arrive.  Other than reading academic sources, I've never had any experience of Sheffield.  I do expect though, that Sheffield will have changed fairly substantially from the place described in my reading, in spite of how much that era still resonates with the local people.  I am looking forward to finding out more.  My only other experiences of England are of London and some other cities in the south.  I'm trying not to carry any preconceived ideas, as I think Sheffield will be drastically different from these places also.  In fact I hope to find that Sheffield is a place that has been successful despite the general dominance of London.

I think I will be challenged in several ways during the study tour.  Amongst all the first-hand learning and moving around the region to see things, I feel I might find it hard to find and focus upon those things that I need to formulate and communicate my ideas for my assessment piece.  I might find that my hypothesis was wrong to begin with.  In any case I think I suspect I will be presented with an loads of information and I might struggle to choose what is most relevant, which sometimes happens to me.

The other challenge will be dealing with the dynamics of the group.  Although I have done a large group study tour before and really enjoyed the experience, this group is almost completely different.  My previous experience is that everyone gets to know each other really well and has a good experience.  Despite this, over the course of two weeks some people will naturally become a bit weary of each others' company.  I suspect my challenge will not be being irritated by others so much as being aware not to irritate others myself.  I hope not to step on too many toes.
- Adam Wood (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)

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  1. So, this site is about your tour? That's good to know that. I will read your other posts now.