Sunday, 9 June 2013

Dubai is not so unreachable

I believe everyone has had busy days lately, I finished my last essay a few hours before we left...

Back to my topic. Dubai, from my first impressions, is a place representing money, power, oil, and seven star hotels. It is a paradise for business leaders and Hollywood superstars, it is a place with luxurious cars and houses, and it seems an unreachable place for ‘normal’ people like me. But at the end of Dubai trip, I found this place is not how I imagined, not even close.

Dubai feels not distance, it feels familiar. It is a concentration of the whole world and I found many similarities:

Dubai CBD

Nanjing CBD

Dubai CBD - a massive skyscraper group, but if we downsize it, we can find similar places everywhere, of course if we ignore the skiing place and million-litre ‘fish tank’.
A temple in Dubai

A temple in Sri Lanka
They both have temples, I am not sure whether they believe in same religion, but temples everywhere.
Dubai River

River market in Thailand

I never expected that Dubai had river, I thought Dubai was a desert. And it was not impressive, but it was impressive that boat driver can steer with his feet!
- Yunhao Guan (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)



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