Sunday, 9 June 2013

Dubai – My fellow adolescent

The city is young, idealistic and ambitious. It lacks the perpetual sentimentality of an old city. I am not opposed to the preservation of heritage, however I find it too often inhibits potential development. The plan to demolish a cemetery near the city centre was shocking. Perhaps this was only due to my conservative and restrictive upbringing under mother Melbourne. Upon further reflection, I feel that, despite her best intentions she may unintentionally value memory over new potential. Dubai on the other hand uses its history as the very reason to create the new, not a reason to confine it. The use of old design detail honours the old while giving full licence to the most recent technology. I would like my mother city to do the same, to use her wisdom while encouraging my spirit and enthusiasm for change.
- Cecilia Barber (Bachelor of Arts)

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