Friday, 7 June 2013

First trip overseas so excited, hope I’ve packed everything.
Hopefully we get a chance to check out Dubai’s island developments and their vast cultural differences. The first island took as much sand that it would take to build a 2.5 meter wall around the world - you could make a build a major sand castle out of that! The Island is suffering from constant erosion; it would be interesting to see how they are managing it with more island developments, as the designs gets even more creative. Here are two really interesting videos (even though I fell asleep during it, they're really good).

Look out, not long now until we get to check out the amazing old style architecture in Sheffield, the history behind it and to find out:
  • Are the new developments incorporated in with the old, are the old structures well preserved?
  • Are the old buildings still visible and do they still maintain their character?
  • Do the old buildings posses a historical or cultural meaning or use to the local area?
  • Do the new buildings dominate the skyline and the function of day to day life?
Also looking forward to inspecting the greenest city in Europe; how they have gone about turning their image from the highly polluted and diseased inner CBD slum days of the industrialization era to a new fresh vibrant image of luscious greenery! What methods were implemented to achieve this transformation?
Can’t wait to walk the streets and immerse myself in a new culture and cuisine while taking in the wonderful sites and making new friends (even if they have funny accents).Someone should also explain to them 17 degrees isn't summer and they should lift their game and bring out the sunshine and the red carpet!
I see some difficulties in coping with the language barrier and finding my way around on public transport and the whole thing about being on the other side of the world.
 Looking forward to the wonderful experience.
- Jacinta Morrissey (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)


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