Wednesday, 12 June 2013

It was great to finally arrive in Sheffield after our mammoth flight/s.
What an interesting city - and one who's architecture, landscape, people and of course history has genuinely surprised and fascinated me.

After watching 'The Full Monty' and researching Park Hill for my first essay, I expected Sheffield to be a city that had passed its heyday and was perhaps struggling to get it back.
As Northerners are renowned for being a bit gruff, I wasn't sure what to expect of the local people either.
However, from what I've experienced and observed, Sheffield has exceeded my expectations and proved my initial impressions wrong.

The people of Sheffield are so friendly, polite, helpful and all-round jolly.
The inner city is a thriving metropolis - jam packed with modern shops, quaint bakeries and an abundance of pubs that would be classed as excessive even by our Aussie standards.
The old buildings are beautiful and I remember being absolutely gob-smacked when I saw the town hall - it is huge and so majestic and grand.

Our first day we explored around the University campus, and town centre. I still haven't made it to Poundland or 99 pence land but I will endeavour to make it there before the trip is over. The next day we went to visit Abbeydale to check out the Industrial Hamlet museum. This museum was part of a former steel-working site and consists of several dwellings, different types of machinery and workshops that date back as far as the 13th century.
We then visited Kelham Island Museum - which has exhibitions on science and Sheffield Industry. Our study group has decided to do the area of Kelham Island as the location for our group project so I took quite a lot of photos and bought a book.

Today we visited Chatsworth House and the Peak District and it was absolutely beautiful. I loved the house and the surrounds, what a stunning place. Looking forward to visiting Manchester and Leeds.
- Claire Robinson (Bachelor of Arts)


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