Saturday, 8 June 2013

Spending the night in Dubai after an exhaustive 36 hours!
To be honest Dubai's desert character epitomises the depth of history it has - little, but fabricated.
Despite what people say, Emirates food at least is very good!
I did not really enjoy Dubai but I have learnt a lot about the city and its short history. What really changed my review more positively was the river rides (without a lot of safety standards, but really fun) and the super tea we had at Ankara Turkish Restaurant, costing 12 people less than AED 500 ($165!) We had complementary entrée bread, soup and salad, so I was unable to finish my main meal!
I was saddened by how this city's very success depends on foreign investment, and how this city was selling its commodities out to the tourist - upfront and demanding.
As I commented earlier, looking forward to contrasting Dubai, city with little history to England, nation with rich history. At least we had a good meal.

- Terence Bell (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)


  1. Aaah, Turkish food shines again! It makes me so proud of my heritage. You have to go a long way to beat the food and hospitality offered by Turkish people. I was born in Cyprus to Turkish Cypriot parents, when it was a British colony. I've lived in Cyprus, England, Germany and now in Australia and have visited France and Belgium. So I have something nice to say about all of these countries and proudly call myself an Aussie/Pommy/Kraut/Wog or, going right back to my heritage, a Turkish Delight! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your visit. Zerin Knight, La Trobe Uni, Bendigo campus.

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