Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Upon arriving in Sheffield, I was amazed by how green and lush the landscape is, dense with trees and idyllic with the characteristic stone walls separating the hilly terrain - just like the movies! I was a little surprised to see that the city was not the smoggy, industrial hub I had envisaged and slightly relieved all the same but rather it appears to be a thriving metropolis, busy and bustling. There is a real contrast in architecture evident throughout all parts of the city as the older, antique buildings such as city hall are pitted against the backdrop of the sleek, modern architecture of the department stores and office buildings. So far the locals have been immensely friendly and welcoming, which makes the experience all the more enjoyable! I am still getting used to the extended hours of light there are in one day and a lack of sleep makes for one tired but awe-inspired student. I have noticed that there appears to be an on-going regeneration as the city is still witnessing and playing host to heavy construction and the industry workers that dominate much of the streets in their high-visibility jackets and I am only left to imagine that when I leave Sheffield, this city will go on changing and adapting through these exciting times whilst I hope, holding onto it's history and never forgetting it. 

- Tayla Theobald (Bachelor of Arts, History Major)


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