Tuesday, 11 June 2013

5 am again! I need sleep! First lecture of the tour, it was interesting to enjoy a time team video but considering my history/ archaeology background it was really just a refresher. Found the Abbeydale industrial hamlet pretty awesome, it must've the archaeologist in me but I start looking at wear patterns  and imagining the people there, their lives, it's just captivating, could of stayed a lot longer if there was someway there was limitless access. Another little bus trip and we were at Kelham Island, lunch at the Fat Cat 'pub', starving by the time the meal came out and just demolished it. The Kelham Island museum was kind of awesome as well, seeing the difference between some of the things that are made now and then, it just shows that mass mechanization didn't always produce the best wares, the intricacy of some of the original wares just amazed me,  all the knives kind of tickled my fancy too, it's a chef thing, but the skill in the blades were pretty cool. The smithy work was pretty awesome, he had rings there for sale -  if he was there probably would have bought one. By the time I was finished with the museum I was pretty buggered but it was a long walk back, definitely not 20 minutes. Just plain exhausted. But a quick trip (3 hours) to Meadowhall not actually a relaxing shopping trip, really just dragged my feet around just another shopping mall. Can't wait to get to bed I'm so exhausted.
- Jess White (Bachelor of Archaeology)


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