Friday, 7 June 2013

5.40pm, Friday nite. Backpack check, handbag-check. All's well, Just watching the hours roll by, then up up and away. I'm leaving my 16 year old twin boys with their step dad, and my eldest who's 21 is drinking a glass of red with me in Bendigo before I go. He and I traveled around the UK when he was a babe in arms and this is the first time Ive been back, and this time without a baby...(get to visit the pubs this time!).
I feel very fortunate to be on this trip. I'm looking forward to.. well, everything! Ready to soak it all in.
Dubai facinates me and disgusts me all at the same time. It's so pretty, and from what Ive seen beautifully constructed. But it is also a shrine to wealth, to oil, and to exploitation of the poor from what I read. Am keen to find out how it all works.
Sheffield will be an amazing opportunity to really get my teeth into the whole regeneration, rejuvenation thing. I'm particularly interested in the militancy of the working class, of finding out the sense of community and history and pride in the city.
I love the UK; the land of fairies, magic, wizards, priestesses, King Arthur, pagans, and all that good stuff. Oh and the architecture and the art, wow! Ill be tripping down memory lane a bit, and exploring what I didn't last time. Can't wait, see you soon.
- Anna Hardinge (Bachelor of Community Development)

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