Friday, 7 June 2013

In five hours I will be leaving for the airport to go on the Sheffield international study tour. I’m currently sitting among all my possessions, and I’m still not sure what to take, or how I will fit everything into my bag. I just hope that I don’t leave any of the important things behind!
I am so excited, but equally as nervous. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at the airport, but it is pretty intimidating not knowing anyone! I also feel like I am going into the unknown- I have never been to Sheffield, or that area of the UK, and even though the teachers have been incredible at keeping us up to date, and giving us plenty of information, I still have no idea what to expect!
Receiving the timetable has definitely helped a lot. Everyday, the staff have planned interesting and exciting things to do, so there will always be something to look forward to! At the moment, I’m most looking forward to meeting students from Sheffield and visiting Chatsworth House and Chester.
I think the biggest challenges that I am going to face are fighting the jetlag and writing this blog, two pretty scary concepts. There has been such a massive build up to this class that I can’t wait to get there and start.
- Bethany Exiner (Bachelor of Archaeology)

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