Monday, 10 June 2013

After a what seemed like a very long flight Sunday night, I was ecstatic to finally make it to England (Sheffield in particular!).
After not much sleep, I finally found myself in what turned out to be one of the most interesting and beautiful places I've ever come across. Heading out Monday morning it was interesting to see how much history every building had. It made me wonder what had happened in each place and what was the buildings original purpose. It was eye opening to see that a place that I had initially thought to be small and most likely quiet, was a bustling, engaging city with a story of some description enlaced within every part of it. 
I noticed that whilst it does appear to have a pub at every corner, they are nothing like the ones that you would typically come across in Australia. Instead they were beautifully designed, almost art type pieces, with detail that is not often seen in your traditional Australian pub. I found my initial reaction to the city to be one of fascination. It appears to have so much more to offer than what I had initially thought. I look forward to exploring and discovering more about both Sheffield's history and the people that are a part of it.  
- Hayley Geri (Bachelor of Arts, History Major)


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