Monday, 10 June 2013

Well after two days of traveling we have arrived in Sheffield!

On the way looking out the bus window, between Manchester and Sheffield initially seems to be almost the polar opposite of Dubai, with its old small buildings, vast green pastures and cool weather.

Dubai felt like a futuristic dream. A city that strives for progress and architectural superiority in terms of size and innovation, without any obvious sentiment for the past. There is no trace of physical history remaining and development wise, this seems to be of no concern. As we passed an old cemetery our guide casually informed us that it would soon be flattened to make way for another hotel.

Our tour guide was superb and looked after the big group with ease. He seemed to know everything about every single building in Dubai. I can image seeing the compete construction of the entire city you lived in, would help you to remember each building and it’s use. I was surprised to hear that Arabic people only made up 15% of the total population, however this was evident as we headed to the central hub of activity in Dubai, the shopping Centre.
This hollow place, gave me an uncomfortable feeling, as the consumer culture was somewhat overwhelming. However this did not stop me appreciating the beauty of the largest artificial body of water in the world near by. All in all, an interesting place visit to see one of the models of future cities.
- Rose Potter (Bachelor of International Development)

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