Saturday, 8 June 2013

Dubai, Sunday, packed and ready to go on to the UK.
Loved Dubai, especially the beach, the water was so warm. The first waterfront shopping centre was so beautifully designed. The archways, staircases, balustrades, ornate cement work, chandeliers etc. were beautiful and artistically rich. I wish Australia could incorporate some of the middle east architecture into its shopping centres!
I loved the warm balmy atmosphere, with the boat ride at night being my favourite experience all together. The markets in the old part of Dubai were especially intriguing, the sacks of spices, incense and herbs intoxicating..., the beautiful rugs and clothes enticing me to spend up big.
I would like to have another day or two to roam around a bit more.
Our tour guide was brilliant, very knowledgeable about his homeland in everyway, funny and professional.
Its hard to get a clear picture of everything overall, but I understand Dubai a tiny bit more than I did on Friday night, and I wouldn't use the word disgust as word to describe how I think or feel about the place. It still uses the earth's resources as if there is an infinite amount available, and that belief system is both out-dated and foolish, not to mention dangerous, as the whole place would come to a grinding halt if it were deprived. Hopefully they are working on it.
- Anna Hardinge (Bachelor of Community Development)

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