Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Finally we have arrived in Sheffield!

It is hard to believe I am actually here after the weeks of build up, essays and exams that I have had to complete before leaving.

Sheffield is an interesting city. It feels slightly disjointed from what I have seen so far. There is an eclectic mix of buildings, from the enormous, grand Town Hall to the more recently built ugly buildings and disused, boarded up factories that are dotted around the city. Our accommodation is really great, an old cutlery factory that had been left in disrepair and was converted into student accommodation. It has a great feel to it and I am sharing a flat with four other mature aged women who are lovely. We have settled in well, buying food, utensils, teapots, cleaning products…I am sure we are the best-organized flat on the block!

The locals I have met so far have been really nice and they barely bat an eyelid at our accents, as Sheffield is such a multicultural student city. The University put on a lovely, warm welcome for us, which was really nice and I have felt completely safe and comfortable in the city.

All us mature aged women drove to London last weekend and did some serious sightseeing, walking 12 hours each day around the city and exploring everything we could. It was fantastic and a great experience to see the contrasts between London and Sheffield in architecture, culture, night life, public transport and attitude of the locals. I was told that Londoners were insular and kept themselves to themselves but we met some lovely, open people who made us laugh and who were interested in helping us and engaging with us.

Our first week has been a whirlwind and we are all exhausted, but it’s been fabulous!
- Cathy Vines (Bachelor of Community Development)




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