Thursday, 6 June 2013

I can hardly believe the Sheffield trip has finally arrived! It has been a frantic few weeks for me and most other people, writing essays, doing exams, filling out forms, organising my family is ok when I am away. I have travelled a fair bit but I have never been away from my children for so long (it will be 3 weeks and 4 days). My youngest two are 5 and 7 and although they are used to me being away, they are both pretty upset this time, and so am I We leave today and to be honest I have not been excited at all until now. I am excited about going to Dubai and being hot after being so cold in Bendigo for so long. I am sick of this cold weather already and we are only a week into winter! I am sick of this cold weather already and we are only a week into winter!

 I am looking forward to getting to Sheffield Uni and meeting new people, adapting myself to the English culture and the cars driving on the wrong side of the road. I think that is my biggest fear, that I will forget and get run over!

Yesterday morning, Chris, Trevor and I were interviewed on ABC radio by Jonathon Riddnell.Jonathon was interested in our trip and asked later if we would keep in touch with them, pre-recording interviews for the ABC to air in the mornings. Other students might get a chance to be interviewed by him too?

My mother immigrated to Australia from Birmingham as a ten pound pom in the 60's. I went there when I was 7 but have never been back. So I am now ready to leave, to return to my ancestral beginnings and hopefully get a great understanding of her and where she came from, as well as gaining knowledge of a city that is clawing it's way back from a devastating past. On with the adventure.

- Cathy Vines (Bachelor of Community Development)


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