Thursday, 6 June 2013

While I’m on the Sheffield trip I expect to gain a firsthand experience of the differences between town planning in the UK and Australia, while experiencing and learning about other aspects of Sheffield from other students and people on the trip. I expect to gain a new outlook and understanding on planning specific policies and planning designs in accordance with an older environment. I feel that one of my biggest challenges will be learning how the different planning theories work in a different country relating to the challenges that are present on a different landscape. I look forward to making new mates overseas and broadening my horizons in relation to both career aspects and lifestyle. I want to experience as much of the UK culture as possible. From what I have read and seen I expect that Sheffield will be somewhat like Melbourne’s deindustrialized areas where the old cutlery industries what shut down, but in other areas to be fairly new and modernised where town character is still respected. I know that this trip will be a blast much like other overseas trips that I have been on.
- Wallie Cron (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)


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