Friday, 7 June 2013

Mixed Emotions

The trip that I have been talking about for so long has finally arrived! It is still such a surreal feeling to know that in a matter of hours I will travel for the first time overseas for an experience that I could never imagine possible. To be completely honest I do not know what I feel will be my biggest challenge whilst being overseas; I have no idea what to expect. Maybe trying to navigate my way around a foreign area, I don’t have a very good sense of direction! Or maybe trying to stay entertained on such long flights! I am just happy I start my travels with a large group before I set off on my own travel across England and Europe. Right now I plan to keep an open mind and take hold of every opportunity that arises throughout my travels. 

After reading over my first assignment I submitted I painted a very negative, dreary picture of Sheffield, and I feel my response towards the city is very na├»ve. Also after watching the film The Full Monty an interesting impression was imprinted into my mind. I will try my best not to arrive into Sheffield with my own pre-determined opinions and perceptions; I will use the first assignment as a history tool and not let it taint my views before I arrive. As I said before right now I don’t really know what to expect, I’m feeling excited, nervous, happy, but most importantly grateful that my course allows me to travel and learn how countries on the other side of the world function. It is going to be such a great experience and I am eager to learn and seize every opportunity!
- Erin Smith (Bachelor of Community Development)

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  1. But this trip was remarkable for you I guess. Tell me more, please.