Thursday 6 June 2013

So, it’s about 10 hours until I will be ready to board a plane ready to head overseas for the first time in my life. When the opportunity came up in mid last year for the possibility of a study tour to England I jumped at the opportunity because it is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.
I’m not entirely sure what I expect to find or see in Dubai but I am really excited to see it and its wealth. As for Sheffield, I’m really glad that the study tour is able to be based in one location for the whole two weeks which will give us a chance to actually get to know the place a little more than spending a day there. I’m hoping to come back from the trip with an increased knowledge of planning in completely different contexts. Dubai will offer a 21st Century city experience and the absolute pinnacle of creating something from nothing with artificial islands and buildings that seem to go against everything you’ve seen before. On the other hand, Sheffield and De-Industrialised England will give me a firsthand look at a regenerating city (or at least one that is trying to). These are both areas of planning you could never see on the same scales in Australia and it will be invaluable to be able to bring this experience back to Australia with me.

I’m not sure if I really have any fears about the trip at the moment. I’m incredibly excited to be able to have an opportunity to see a new part of the world and work with Ivan to make videos for La Trobe and to pursue my own passion of photography in another place while studying as well.
- Chris Rowlands 
(Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)


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