Friday, 7 June 2013

This study tour original first appealed to me because the differences between Sheffield and Bendigo are vast. It allows us to shed some light on a place that is steeped in so much history that it is reflected in every part of the city, especially in the planning of it. Being able to experience this enables us to look into planning issues that Australia hasn't had much of, such as planning a modern city fit for a continually growing population without impeding or destroying the many heritage listed building in the area. As well as planning, there is also a sociological interest. The way that history has affected the people of Sheffield in terms of deindustrialization and loss of industry will be good to see, as well as getting to talk to people first hand and get their experiences of living here to try and understand what they perceive their social and community identity to be.

Overall, this trip is about amercing yourself in another culture and way of life; using it to gain knowledge and experience that will be helpful for planning and understanding community identity so that when the course is completed, there are things that you can use in your future education and career.
- Francesca Windle (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)


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