Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Utopia or Distopia, I don't know I've been up since 4am , it's the whole political idealist discussions have never caught my attention,  I understand why we are looking at it but it's draining me.
Park Hill.. well who am I kindling its a big concrete apartment building. The renovations disgusting. I'm not a particular fan of doing up an old building if it looses the original feel, maybe if they stuck with grey and black like light grey with blackened borders / frames  and blacked balcony could be more striking. I dunno I'm not an architect but I just found it yuck.
Broomehill much nicer,  kind of cliché British looking, didn't find it particularly spectacular. Did enjoy the museum on the way back.  But still nothing particularly special. Maybe my lack of sleep has dampened my whole view on the day but just another day in Sheffield.

Finally got that pub meal though, silver lining.

- Jess White (Bachelor of Archaeology)


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