Friday, 7 June 2013

Wow in 5 days I will be on a plane to Dubai and starting the study tour in Sheffield! I can barely believe that it is finally here. The last few weeks have flown by, filled with assignments, forms and payments. This will be my first journey overseas so I am pretty much excited about everything! I am especially looking forward to experiencing something out of the ordinary and something different to what I'm used to. I am looking forward to going through the international terminal and going on a big plane instead of just going through the domestic terminal and on a relatively small plane. I haven't flown with Emirates before so that will be exciting. Although I'm not so excited about the length of time we have to sit on the plane. I don't know what I'll do to keep myself occupied. I think they have movies on the plane so maybe I'll watch some of those if there are any good ones on. I think I'll almost be content to watch out the window at the view below, as it will be so exciting to know that I'll be looking down land that isn't part of Australia.

I am looking forward to our short visit to Dubai because I think it will be a totally different experience to what I'm used to. I've seen videos and photos of Dubai online and it looks amazing with its tall buildings and interesting architecture and bright and colourful lights and water shows. I am a little nervous though for Dubai because it seems more strict than Australia. It will be strange being very conscious of what I'm wearing in particular, after being used to dressing however I want  in Australia. Also I have seen the temperature at the moment in Dubai and its around 40°! I'm going to have to pack summer clothes just for the day or two we stay there!

But anyway, on to Sheffield. It will be really great to finally visit England and see for myself the country where important historical events took place such as the Industrial Revolution. Events I have been learning about throughout school and uni. Getting to see Sheffield's part in the industrial revolution will be a great opportunity and provide some insight. To think that we are going to be living at Sheffield Hallam University accommodation which used to be an old cutlery firm is incredible. I am also really excited to see York, Manchester and London, to be able to finally see these places that I have heard about and seen pictures of. I am really looking forward to hearing the accents and the strange concept of myself being "foreign". I am also looking forward to finding out quirky differences between England and Australia, such as different power points, and even the different breakfast cereals. I am looking forward to trying typical English foods such as Yorkshire pudding and mushy peas. I am excited about hopefully meeting some English people and students as well as just talking to them  and comparing our different (or perhaps similar) lives. I also feel like I should go to a football match just to experience the fanatic atmosphere.

I think a big challenge for me is going to be not being able to see my family. I mean I'll be able to see them on Skype, but I'll miss not being able to give my mum, dad and sister a hug. What do I expect Sheffield to be like? I'm not sure if I have any expectations of what Sheffield is going to be like. I suppose it will have old buildings that are mainly made of grey in colour and made of stone. I suppose I can't really imagine modern, new things there. I'm not sure. Oh another thing I'm looking forward to is on the tube or the underground, whatever they call it there and also the fast trains should be exciting. But that's another thing that could be a challenge, using England's public transport system. I looked up a map of the underground train lines and it looks so complicated! Lines going off everywhere, crossing over and not to mention the number of them! Totally different to Melbourne's train network . So yeah overall I am so excited to just experience something new. Can't wait!
Alice Crellin (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)


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