Friday, 7 June 2013

Already completed the first of the challenges to come, racing to ensure everything is prepared and ready for the start of the trip to Sheffield. Sitting at the airport awaiting the call to enter the plane, the excitement is rather high, as is the anticipation to reach Dubai and begin the experience of a lifetime, especially being amongst fellow colleagues with the same task and observations to undertake. I am looking forward to the whole trip, keen to get there more than the commute itself. I had a chat with the exchange agent who happened to be from England, from a town that is renowned for its ducks, of all things. My expectations for Sheffield are of an average extent, in that I watched the Full Monty before I left and my view on Sheffield is of a concrete based industrial growth city, this trip will determine how accurate my view and teachings were before visiting the area.
- Phineas Istratoaie (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)

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