Friday, 7 June 2013

I am sitting at the International airport with fellow students discussing what to expect on our long journey ahead, and we are all a little unsure. It is 1 am and our conversation is turning in all different directions as the delirium of sleepiness sets in. Talk of London, Harry Potter tours, packing and European summers. We are all a mix of post stress and adrenaline after cramming in essays, exams and saying goodbye to loved ones. Now we can take a deep breath of ease and get into the mindset of this exciting trip we have been working towards!

From our conversations most of us are well travelled. However for one student I met  it is their first time overseas. I cannot imagine what that must be like, as I have lost count of all the trips I have been on.

Although a seasoned traveller I have never been on a trip with 46 people, 46 people I do not know, and never on a trip with this kind of structure. Not usually a fan of tours, my travel experiences have been free and somewhat spontaneous. I am a social person and looking forward to the new people I will meet certainly, but,  I must say I was apprehensive about this unknown element. However after sitting and chatting to my fellow students my apprehensions have melted away and I feel comfortable. My focus is now turns to this fantastic trip ahead! Fascinated to see new unknown cities, both Dubai and Sheffield, I am most excited about Sheffield after researching many different aspects of its history and culture.
- Rose Potter (Bachelor of International Development)