Friday, 7 June 2013

Although I am quite familiar with sitting at international airport terminals and traveling aboard, I find myself feeling eager, curious and anxious towards what experiences I may encounter. The reason being, not only have I never studied aboard, but I will be exposed to new cultures and foreign circumstances I have never foreseen. So as one may understand, I have a mix of emotions driven by anticipation.

I am looking forward to visiting a country I have never set foot in and what I feel is almost all aspects of this study tour. This will include study themes such as deindustrialisation, politics and the governmental regulations affiliated as socioeconomic drivers of change. Whilst these are all the academic elements, I have a particular excitement towards seeing famous sites and tourist attractions such as Big Ben, red double decker buses, steel industries and other national icons of England. Furthermore, I feel like I can’t wait to have an ale, experience the nightlife and even watch a ‘football’ match.

Nevertheless, as I am not too concerned with the possibilities of having a headache in a morning class from getting amongst this culture, I do believe the foreign dynamics of culture, governmental and political relations may be challenging to interpret. I say this because I only have a limited understanding of such elements, as I have never been  directly involved or impacted by England’s Local and State socioeconomic issues.

Hence, I have a mix of emotions driven by anticipation.

- Isaac Sharp (Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning)

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  1. I am happy to find info about your tour. I love it. Hope to see more.