Friday, 7 June 2013

My trip to Sheffield via Dubai will start tonight.  I am nervous and am wondering if I have not packed enough, or packed too much.  Overall though, I am looking forward to the stopover at Dubai and two-week study tour in Sheffield. 

I imagine Dubai will be a very modern city and pleasant to be in.  While it seems one of the most contemporary cities aesthetically, it looks like our tour will have a histsoric aspect.  I was initially apprehensive about Dubai and its laws and customs.  Yet, a friend assured me it is a fundamentally modern and user-friendly. 

I have always wanted to travel to an overseas campus and stay there.  I’ve never been much of a traveller for its own sake; so it’s great to have a special purpose for going.  I am nervous about living with other students and sharing facilities, however I think everyone will be in the same boat, in this regard.  My intention is to focus on all the positive things and new experiences this trip will bring. 

The subject matter, ‘Cities in Transition’ is a really pertinent area for study.  At a time when 20th century industries seem to be in decline, in Australia as well as the UK it is critical to look at what types of industries will be sustainable going forward.
- Linda Hadley (Bachelor of Arts)


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  3. Of course you were nervous. That's fine. Check this page later. Bye!